The Foundation’s main purpose is to increase knowledge of Swedish history of defence and security, and to stimulate research with these purposes, especially research with interdisciplinary focus, also to make available, for both the public and the researcher, the historical archive and historical film equipment.

This purpose must be achieved by:

a) Carry out archival activities according to the National Archives’ regulations.

b) Conduct production of film and documentaries in various media and provide other services in the field, such as education.

c) Manage the Foundation’s films.

d) Managing or storing other actor’s films.

e) Make the Foundation’s film archive available.

f) Apply for or independently without prior application, get scholarship for interdisciplinary research projects and training initiatives. Such grants shall support the foundation’s purposes according to points a) to e) and not to such large amounts that there is a risk that the Foundations requirement’s for duration cannot be met.